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PERPLEXER ~ Thomas Huettinger
Potoo&Defo ("I am 19,bodybuilder and student of VSE Praha. I love star trek and stargate. Live for the...")
peterdorey ("PHYSICS graduate working as Project / Programme Manager in electronics field")
Pawn-D8-? ("Born 1951 jun 22 at N69°05'33"E16°47'27" My profession is mechanical engineering I am...")
prairie69 ("A retired physician in Vermont. Isn't this computer age the most amazing thing? Who'da...")
Peter7Lustig ("[SG-SPEG] Hello, I have studied bioinformatics in Germany and since 2 years I am...")
proteino.de ("Als ITler kommt man frher oder spter mit dem Distributed Computing in Verbindung. Bei mir...")
Purple Rabbit ("I was born at a very early age in Alliance, Ohio. The harbinger of my future showed itself...")
PoHeDa ("Crunchen wir miteinander für einander und haben Spaß dabei, egal welches Team oder...")
PhilGut ("Un bonjour de Rennes(35) à tous les cruncheurs de la MT WildWildWest, de l'ALLIANCE...")

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