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predcis ("Cau, som Lubo a atronomia a astrofyzika ma bavi, i ked tomu velmi malo rozumiem. Tak aspon...")
Puma ("My Name Grzegorz DÄ…browski . I From Poland.City-Szczecin . I have 30 years.")
Peter Martinsen ("OZ1PMX")
Peter Widelund ("From Sweden, 48years something work as a consultant, like old english fords and MacIntosh")
Piotr Kunkel
Pooh Bear 27 ("Have done almost every computer job around from computer operator/data entry,...")
Phil McCrum ("Location: Brea, California USA Born: November 1951 Occupation: Retired GENERAL...")
Popovics Laszlo ("I'm an independent IT consultant. IT revolution was always important in my life. I always...")
Pozse ("I'm from Hungary, and I'm working as a surveying engineer in the petrol and gas searching...")

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