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Popovics Laszlo ("I'm an independent IT consultant. IT revolution was always important in my life. I always...")
Pozse ("I'm from Hungary, and I'm working as a surveying engineer in the petrol and gas searching...")
Prestone ("im Krimson a bad Boy that want to help the SCIFY comunoty")
Pat ("Old, very old! Don't mess with old people.")
pat pierson ("I am a 67 year old woman. Astronomy and all things Astronomical are my favorite things. It...")
PSSC Digipen ("Chris Cornuelle - Run this on the machines in my classroom at Puget Sound Skills Center...")
PP Mguire ("My names Cory and my nickname is PP Mguire. Im 22 and a struggling husband trying to make...")
pawprint_net ("Scott Baker B.A.Sc. Sechelt BC Canada Web Designer/Developer consulted for...")
pepakun ("pepa desu. yoroshiku.")

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