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Ramdas Aswale
Ralf02061973 ("hi milkyway community my name is ralf and was born 02.june.1973 in...")
rockmanx ("Hello, I am a 26 year old network engineer. I run a small computer business witch you can...")
Ron ("I have been using BOINC for a number of years mostly with SETI, which I feel is a lost...")
Richard P. Bocker, Ph.D. ("I am retired (age 68). I worked in the field of optical physics for 32 years (full-time)...")
Robin ("Joined BOINC and Milkyway@Home to contribute some scientific discoveries to humanity. From...")
Ruaridh McNair ("I am from Calgary, Canada. I enjoy learning about computers and space.")
Ron ("I live in Everett, Wa. I just turned 60 yrs. young. I work full time for the Seattle Times...")
Rick ("I'm this guy, ya know? I'm 32 and up here in the northwoods, while I'm working on the farm,...")
Richard ("Richard Gaunt, bit of a nerd really.")

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