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Rene ("Hello, I'm a man born at 12-08-1974 in the Netherlands. I still live in the...")
RobH ("From: South Africa Hobbies: Distributed computing, Radio Controlled UAV")
Ramdas Aswale
Ralf02061973 ("hi milkyway community my name is ralf and was born 02.june.1973 in...")
rockmanx ("Hello, I am a 26 year old network engineer. I run a small computer business witch you can...")
Ron ("I have been using BOINC for a number of years mostly with SETI, which I feel is a lost...")
Richard P. Bocker, Ph.D. ("I am retired (age 68). I worked in the field of optical physics for 32 years (full-time)...")
Robin ("Joined BOINC and Milkyway@Home to contribute some scientific discoveries to humanity. From...")
Ruaridh McNair ("I am from Calgary, Canada. I enjoy learning about computers and space.")
Ron ("I live in Everett, Wa. I just turned 60 yrs. young. I work full time for the Seattle Times...")

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