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Ronnie ("I'm from Jacksonville FL, and I build AMD/ATI based PC's as a hobby. The specs for my...")
Raziel ("I'm a figment of many people's collective imagination. They all imagined up a 20-something...")
Robbie Klinkenberg ("Love space")
Robert Giles ("My name is Robert. I live in Tooele, Utah, which is about 40 miles southwest of Salt Lake...")
Richard ("I'm 49yrs old Gay male,I live in Tenderloin in San Francisco Ca..I have a wonderful partner...")
Rhodan71 ("I live in France where I work as a freelance in software development. I support every...")
riddle-shade(Uzziel Fuentes Enriquez) ("Hola a todos. Si estas mirando mi perfil y te interesa saber de mis actividades entonces te...")
ronzacapa ("Moin Moin, mein Name ist Jan von Lienen. Ich bin 34 Jahre alt und lebe in Bremen /...")
Resistor ("Dutch Power Cows Stampede!")

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