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riddle-shade(Uzziel Fuentes Enriquez) ("Hola a todos. Si estas mirando mi perfil y te interesa saber de mis actividades entonces te...")
ronzacapa ("Moin Moin, mein Name ist Jan von Lienen. Ich bin 34 Jahre alt und lebe in Bremen /...")
Resistor ("Dutch Power Cows Stampede!")
Robin ("Hi, my name is Robin. I'm a content optimizer helps to increase site's search engine...")
Rolandas Šiaulys ("I'm Rolandas Šiaulys, 1975.01.02.")
RATTUS ("Visual artist in search for the truth.")
Romenics ("Developer of the game Celestial Command")
R2DMD ("I enjoy amateur astronomy and radio.")
richardcs ("American doing his part to fix this world and advance the human race")

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