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richardcs ("American doing his part to fix this world and advance the human race")
Retired Rocket Dude's Daughter ("I'm just the daughter of the Retired Rocket Dude.")
ray ("Rosebony are always at service of providing most fashionable and quality hair extension and...")
RehabNow ("I do digital development for a few marketplace companies and resources, one of which being...")
Ron Formela ("Dutch guy, living in Germany since 2009. I am a big music fan and collector which...")
REAGANRYLEY ("Retired and using my computer to do some good when I am not using it!")
Ryan ("My name is Ryan and I am from Ohio. I am an agronomist for my day job, my hobbies include...")
RandolfTheRed ("I am a computer programmer, hacker, avid star gazer, computer geek, and seriously...")
raic ("Hello, We're french informatician working in every aspect of technology ! We are using...")

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