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Raven ("Casino pit boss, computer enthusiast and Science Fiction fan in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.")
Ranger Tim ("Solar System, Planet Earth, Royal Australian Space Force.")
reximus ("I am on the wrong side of 40, with a fantastic wife and two great kids. An aeronautical...")
Randall J. Scalise ("I was born in 1965 in Scranton, PA. I completed my undergraduate work in physics magna cum...")
Reeltime ("Born and bred in Scotland, and a proud member of The Scottish Boinc Team. A flatmate of...")
RT1984 ("I'm a member of Rechenkraft.net - Germanys biggest distributed computing community. Join us...")
RodEllery ("A Member of the UK BOINC TEAM.")
rottenkiwi ("My hobbies: organ music improvisation, playing on piano, OC of PC, astronomy, bike.")
Rockinfroggi ("Hi there, 49 year old male from the UK here, I am currently back fighting the Big C so...")
regalis ("Hi, ich hei├če Sven und habe im Januar 2008 mit Boinc angefangen...und irgendwie machts...")

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