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r3venge ("i m from italy and i m in in the Boinc.Italy Team, and i really like distribuited computing")
Ronald Rupp ("I live in Portland, OREGON in the USA.")
RapidEye ("Runs with scissors!!!")
Renee Jasmine Kenyon Wolf ("I was Born to be a Scientist. Born in 1955. I came from a lower middle class family and was...")
retsehc ("I have had a deep respect for everything beyond our borders since I could comprehend...")
Richard Parent ("I am an Engineer for United Space Alliance at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. I...")
Rudy ("I am an organic chemist and a world traveler. Besides that, I love physics and I am here...")
rd50#cmss ("libre libre quiero ser quiero ser quieroserlibre Trevor.")
Rendo ("Hi, my name is René. I´m member of CzechNationalTeam.")

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