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Ray ("Gender: Male Astrological Sign: Leo Industry: Arts Occupation: Design Location: Toronto...")
real_tarantoga (" legal alien living near Sol on a small but "fitful planet" ")
r3venge ("i m from italy and i m in in the Boinc.Italy Team, and i really like distribuited computing")
Rafael Lairet ("Caracas, Venezuela 64 years Proffesor Astronomy")
Ronald Rupp ("I live in Portland, OREGON in the USA.")
RapidEye ("Runs with scissors!!!")
Renee Jasmine Kenyon Wolf ("I was Born to be a Scientist. Born in 1955. I came from a lower middle class family and was...")
retsehc ("I have had a deep respect for everything beyond our borders since I could comprehend...")
Richard Parent ("I am an Engineer for United Space Alliance at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. I...")
Rudy ("I am an organic chemist and a world traveler. Besides that, I love physics and I am here...")

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