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Rich ("I'm a retired computer programmer: 25 years on IBM big iron, beginning in the Air Force on...")
Rich Bielby ("I'm a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Paris.")
Rotundmeatball ("32 year old dude in Atlanta, GA who works in IT, enjoys computer science, astronomy, and...")
Robb ("Founder and administrator of OneDarkSky.com.")
rasmus ("I like to do crazy things. With computers. And without. I like hardcore techno, gaming...")
Ryan Booth ("Shout-out to LinusTechTips and their BOINC team! Go LTT! From: Auburn, AL Age:...")
Remote ("I am retired now after 25 years computer support at a major medical company in Southern...")
Rob Ross ("I'm 32 years old, originally from Detroit, Michigan, and now I reside in Mandan, North...")
Raul Nebot ("===ENGLISH=== My name is Raul Nebot, I am fond of Scientific and feel greater interest...")

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