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Steve ("Hello, Steven here from Utah. I am currently in a graduate program for healthcare...")
Sir Stooper ("I'm just a little ol' Knight shrubbing away in hopes to find the Holy Shrubbery along with...")
STMahlberg ("I've been a member of SETI.USA since 2010. We are an International Team of like minded...")
Sciurus Vulgaris (">>>")
ShopXXL-com ("Hey, thanks for visiting my profile! My name is Chris, I am a networker from Luxembourg in...")
sirkurtius ("Hello, My name is Kurt and i am from toronto, i,m 37 yrs old and enjoy racing import...")
Seventh Serenity ("Taken part in distributed computing since 2003 and took a two year break in 2008 but now...")
Sun Badger* ("Well here is a 54 yo 100% DAV USAF. After School I was a stockbroker, Series 7. More school...")
Sandu ("A simple commoner, giving his CPU for a good work. Wishes to learn more about world, but...")
sir sant ("I'am a lone wolf born in 1978, used to do stuff alone since childhood... Looking for a...")

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