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Samuel Weiss ("I'm just a nerd who wants to someday nonchalantly click through a 3d MilkyWay.")
s_khvatynets ("http://jetaime.livejournal.com/")
station ("Aged 30. Freelance illustrator. Line cook day job. Kind of an overall geek for space,...")
STrider ("I have been at SETI community from 1999, and i pay my own electric bills :) I drink lots...")
Stockfund ("Analyst at State Farm Insurance.")
S F Johnson at Bemidji ("I am a Professor Emeritus of Physics and Engineering at Bemidji State University, Bemidji,...")
SGTRossi ("I was born and raised in Saukville, WI. One day, I got bored (and laid off from the...")
sven hellendorff ("bonjour à tous, je suis sven hellendorff, je suis belge habitant en France. j ai trois ans...")
sarge104 ("Former USN sailor, now a happily married civilian. Not sure if that is coincidental or not...")
Stephen Bock ("My name is Stephen. I am an Amateur Astronomer and school teacher. I rock climb, cycle,...")

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