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Sergey Puchkov ("Всем привет меня зовут Сергей я с Украины...")
Snorts ("52 year old male, occupation retired, hobbies are astronomy, and fishing.")
Serge ("English follow Un gars de Joliette, QC. Retraité en 2010. Étais responsable d'un...")
Searching to find the meaning of life, yet I was lost, Then God touched my heart + soul and showed me He loved me so deeply as to lay down His life for me. Yahweh is Love, Jesus proves it. Dios es amor f.GEd ("I was born in Hungary, before the fall of the Iron Curtain. While I was still young, my...")
Spyder ("Liczymy ;)")
SharkNose ("Hi. My name is Andrew. I am 55 years old currently living in Medford, New Jersey, USA. I am...")
ShentsevM ("Немного обо мне gov Интересуюсь научными и...")
Steven ("I have been working as a Technical Support Specialist at multiple locations for the past 5...")
Samantha ("haha processor goes brrr")

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