Last updated 17 Apr 2024, 9:05:04 UTC ("I am from Slovakia, Middle Europe, €-country from Jan 1st 2009. I like...")
Shadowcats ("Male 45 from Australia love Boinc projects specially Beta ones. Been crunching since seti...")
St. Devlinius ("I am a pilot, aviation enthusiast, and minister from the United States who believes that I...")
Stony666 ("Stolzes Mitglied des Grünen Planeten! Ich lebe in der Nähe von Frankfurt Ich...")
skildude ("I compute therefore I am... I like pickles I like jelly but not together. Mother always...")
scsimodo ("In 2003 I started distributed computing with SETI classic and switched to BOINC soon after...")
Sysadm@Nbg ("cogito ergo sum sagt mein Computer, und damit er was zu denken hat crunche ich - a...")
sanhaji ("Hi my name is Benjamin, I'm 23 years old and a computer science student from...")
sawadee ("hey, my name is Andre, i am from germany, but my heart and my units are crunching for...")
Snowdog of TSBT ("Originally started out as a Seti@Home cruncher and diversified into Boinc and its multitude...")

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