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Tonique ("I'm just a girl and I found a useful way for my computer to spend its spare time.")
Tyler ("Company Of BOINC")
tsbardella ("I work as a helpdesk person for a state government in the Eastern US. I am in my early 40s....")
tenthwave ("Hi All I am an experimental physicist and optical designer who spent many years...")
The Old Sourdough ("The Old Sourdough I was born in Florida, raised in Alaska (hence The Old Sourdough) am...")
Ti ("Tell us about yourself. You could tell us where you're from, your age, occupation, hobbies,...")
Tachyonbill ("I'm just a member of the lost generation: Appreciating accomplishments from the past,...")
Triera(RUS) ("ŤAls die Nazis die Kommunisten holten, habe ich geschwiegen, ich war ja kein Kommunist. Als...")
Tom Zolotor ("I am an astronomer who is doing BOINC along with my other professorial work I have to get...")
Tex1954 ("Old semi-retired engineer living in a house older than me...")

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