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The Artist JDAZ ("Hello, I am The Artist JDAZâ„¢. Welcome to my profile! I am an artist, filmmaker and...")
True:I think, therefor I THINK I am. My thinking neither is the source of my existence, nor does it prove my existence to anyone else. Life v. lies...Dont be a DNA-denier. Abortion kills a new, unique human being, a boy or girl f.Mgy ("I was born in Hungary, before the fall of the Iron Curtain. While I was still young, my...")
Technicus ("Telecom professional interested in astronomy. Actually living and working in France")
Tugrul_512bit ("Parallel programming fan. Nbody user. Gamer. From Turkey.")
TrevG ("Retired Engineer. RN & CEGB")
Tom ("Currently working for Goodwill helping people find jobs. Love science, no good at math.")
tom_ny ("this project looks very interesting")
top_fuel29 ("I'm just doing this for the money, :)")

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