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TyphooN [Gridcoin] ("I have been a long term BOINC supporter, but began to mine Bitcoin in 2011 with my GPUs...")
Tuna Ertemalp ("Born in Germany (Öhringen), raised in Turkey (Istanbul), all grown up in USA...")
Thyler Durden@P3D ("Hi i am Thyler Durden, The first DC Unit i make this for SETI 1.0 and finish this...")
Tom ("Hi")
tewksbg ("Mathematics student at the University of Cincinnati")
Todderbert ("April 16th, 2016 Currently in college full time to finish my Bachelors of CIS, eta...")
tribelotto ("SiteTalk CashBack the #1 Shopping Place for Money back")
tim ("I have no oven.")
Trish ("Hi! Just a high school student from Canada here. My hobbies include video games, music...")

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