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theflux ("Desktop Engineer who likes sports, fishing and boating.")
the silver surfer ("My hobbies are Science Fiction, Photography, and, of course, Distributed Computing.")
treeclimber ("I'm 32 years old and from Ohio. I'm glad to donate crunch time to these worthwhile...")
TheSherminator ("Hi, I'm a french student on electronic system and I just want help science! Salut, je suis...")
tatik ("Hi, my name is Tomas, I´m from Rymarov. It´s small town in the Czech republic. My...")
The Gas Giant ("I'm an engineering manager for a small engineering firm going places (hopefully). We work...")
Terminator* ("Hello,my nick is Terminator and i am a Member from Team Sicituradastra. Many...")
timmygadget ("My name is Tim and I served in the Royal Navy between '86 to '96 as a Comms Technician, had...")
totoshi ("Hey folks, I'm 29 years old and I live in Hildesheim, Germany. I'm interesting in DC...")

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