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Tomasz R. Gwiazda ("Hello I'm Thomas from Boinc@Poland Team Join us at www.boincatpoland.org My current...")
The Dreamer* ("37 years lived in Bologna, Italy, or around there. Please take a look at my Seti@home...")
Toppie* ("Hi, I am from South-Africa. I work in the medical field. My hobbies are astronomy and old...")
Thysin ("Oh my!")
TaviAnne ("homeschooling mother, amateur astronomer, Astrocast.TV's "Our Night Sky" producer/host")
Thomas Jannot ("Thomas Jannot, born in 1965, is founder and publisher of the MittelstandsWiki, managing...")
TBirdTheYuri ("Je suis électrotechnicien Français. J'habite dans le département du Puy de Dôme au milieu...")
Tweakie ("1.Why do you run MilkyWay@home? seems like a worthy project (also it supports ATI...")
twister@austria-national-team.at ("Liebe fleissige Cruncher, da ich schon mehr als 10 Jahre nach Ausserirdischen suche bei...")
Taiwanese Taipei (" please change to unicode(UTF-8) 如果您有ATI...")

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