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Virtual Computer BOINC@Poland ("This is a Virtual Computer of Boinc@Poland Team.")
Vishal Mukherjee ("Born on the planet Earth in India (Allahabad) and live in Mumbai (Bombay, India). I've...")
verstapp ("Electrical tester, Canberra, Australia.")
VOYAGER-IREK RAMZA ("GPU - the new vision of power for Boinc")
vishal ("Hi my name is vishal.I love tech. and i can engineer well. i have always been interested i...")
Victoria ("Hi my name is Victoria. Im 13 years old. And I love astronomy.")
vossinakis ("Hi, I am a graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece")
VQ-2 Ghost
vicsar ("My HomePage: http://www.vicsar.co.nr My oficial profiles is here:...")
vitalidze ("My name is Vitaly, I am from the city of Vinnitsia in Ukraine. I heve been crunching for 6...")

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