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Last updated 29 Jan 2023, 19:55:05 UTC

Vollnoob ("Hello, my name is Thilo. Im from Germany and crunching since August 2007. The crunching...")
verstapp ("Electrical tester, Canberra, Australia.")
VOYAGER-IREK RAMZA ("GPU - the new vision of power for Boinc")
Vince ("I'm a computer tech in the northern suburbs of Perth - Western Australia ..... I can't...")
vossinakis ("Hi, I am a graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece")
vila_m ("35 yo transgender woman, i live in Mexico. dev and network engineering student, GNU/Linux...")
VQ-2 Ghost
vicsar ("My HomePage: http://www.vicsar.co.nr My oficial profiles is here:...")
vitalidze ("My name is Vitaly, I am from the city of Vinnitsia in Ukraine. I heve been crunching for 6...")
vswindell ("I am not a student of human nature. I am a professor of a far wider academy of which human...")

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