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vupi ("system admin from Rome, IT. passion 4 MTB, music, chess and...WLF")
Voivodul ("Thor Odinson , dios del trueno y señor de Asgard.")
Volker Müller
Vadim ("From the Soviet Union in the future.")
Volkovy ("i'm a sociologist who loves girls, rally racing and overclocking computers running BOINC...")
Vega ("Hi, I'm Vega from Poland (Boinc@Poland Team) Join us at www.boincatpoland.org ...")
Vincent JG ("I'm 23, from Northern Virginia and I currently work private contract security. I enjoy...")
Vaclav GLOS ("Greetings from Brno :)")
Volodymyr Shcherbyna ("I am from Ukraine. I like Space and all related to that :)")

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