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Last updated 5 Feb 2023, 19:55:05 UTC

Vikk ("From Russia with love :)")
Vladimir Samsonyan ("My name is Vlad, I'm from Armenia and I'm 23. I'm a gamer, and I hope to become a game...")
Valter Jorge ("Im from Brazil, student, and like astronomics and computer science.")
vasko ("I m from Bulgaria, 30 years old, IT and WEB")
vinn@[CNT] ("I am 42 and work as CIO. I like scuba diving and my hobby is also philately.")
Vitek72rus ("Страна - Country РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ - RUSSIAN...")
Valmiki (""spaceship-business is serious business"")
Vincent ("My home is in Iowa. I've spent my life exploring.")
Vampiro di Sengir ("Hello, I am Sengir, the Vampir, for the friends. I have 40 years old and alive to...")

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