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WhiteWulfe ("Hi, I'm WhiteWulfe, a member of Overclock.net's BOINC team that hails from Northern...")
wizanhi ("local computer geek. Current physics/math/pre-med student. Donating my electric bill to...")
West Bank Fireman ("I'm a workaholic and expect the same out of my computers. Hence, this program.")
Whiskers ("This is a public website, yes. Although I do not know what it is doing, but I can make a...")
WikiSteve ("Former Seti@Home enthusiast.")
WastedPotential ("Just your average nerd with too many computers.")
William Poirier-Picker
Willy ("Name's Will :) people call me Big Head or Dill. I do cross country and track for my high...")
William Platt ("I am working as a senior maintenance machinic and retiring in 2 years. A beautiful family...")
wizclone ("working at University of Vienna as CTA and IT Tech scince 1995, started SETI i think in...")

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