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Last updated 1 Feb 2023, 19:55:05 UTC

Yoshi SKYLINE GT-R ("From Osaka, Japan. I'm crunching a number of BOINC project with 3 PCs now. - Core 2 Quad...")
Yonatan ("Hi. I'm Yonatan. I'm currently a student of theoretical computer science at Princeton...")
Yaroslav ("Мне 18 лет, живу в Украине.")
Yago AB ("Desde León, España. Interesado en la ciencia y tecnología")
yorgaraz ("Hello people, I am George Hatzopoulos born in march 30 1995. I live in Greece and my...")
YILMAZ DALKIRAN ("Hi, From Türkiye. I'm a web designer and the vast majority sees me as a web design...")
Y Aakash ("I love wandering and thinking about see-able and un-seeable things of our universe, adding...")
You-Ming Guo

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