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Zathros ("Assimilate all technology and science since the CBM V16. SciFi madness Cool 2 be the user...")
zhusy ("An ordinary computer technology enthusiasts from China")
zoltan blatter ("im zoltan blatter 48j old-married born in switzerland-zuerich- i live cince 1990 in the...")
Zachary Casciato ("Z. Casciato San Francisco, CA, USA 24 years old I'm the Co-owner of an independent...")
Zakky2k ("Thirty something software engineer from UK living in Czech and Saudi Arabia, amateur...")
ZA - Allen (""Life's too short to take it serious"")
zader_p ("I'm a mid+ 20s guy with a love of computing; mostly anything involving a computer, but...")
Zoffix Znet ("I'm a 27 year old (born in '86) Russian living in Canada. In Russia, I went to college for...")
ZygZag ("Hi! My name is Jimbo, I'm 21 years old and I like tinker with electronics. At the moment...")

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