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Last updated 26 Jan 2023, 19:55:06 UTC

ArGo ("I'm a 53 yr old Irishman living in Greece and running two computers all day basically so...")
vossinakis ("Hi, I am a graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece")
Tim ("a")
nick ("I am a 24 year old computer scientist from Thessaloniki, Greece. Studied here applied...")
rockoskylo ("i'm from greece")
Neronas ("I am a computer scientist from Greece Athens.")
COMMUNISTIS G. KALEMAKIS ("GEORGE KALEMAKIS-Γεια σας ειμαι απο Ηρακλειο Κρητης 64...")
yorgaraz ("Hello people, I am George Hatzopoulos born in march 30 1995. I live in Greece and my...")

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