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Last updated 13 Oct 2019, 21:00:03 UTC

bigdaddy ("linux user, interested in computer networks")
alice carl ("Hello, i am from INDIA. I am a student interested in physics. I like to do chatting on...")
arjun ("I intend to live forever. So far, so good... Oh, I'm an aspiring prosumer photographer,...")
Chetana ("Hi. I am a Graduate student from India.")
Vivek Kumar Jain(ARTIVIVK) ("Vivek Kumar Jain E-Mail: vivk.jain@gmail.com Mobile: 09425109784/09425117286 Phone No.:...")
Ramdas Aswale
Syam Krishnan* ("Accounting professional")
Joyal Baby ("NAME- Joyal Baby age- 18 occupation-Student Studies at-Santhome HSS Kolakkad ...")
Sameer Tyagi ("Hi, I am Sameer an engineer in the branch of Electronics and Tele-communication. I'm 23...")
TOTEM ("Just a pagan from India, trying to do my best for the world from a different angle.")

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