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Last updated 1 Apr 2020, 22:00:03 UTC

hound ("Just trying to help")
Golem ("Student (Chemie)")
Cmdr J.R.Ehman ("Not the real Jerry, just a tribute to 6EQUJ5.")
Daniel Moody ("https://www.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-moody/58/2b9/a09")
N1gh7m4r3 ("I Have been crunching for science for six or seven years on and off again, who doesn't want...")
fie ("a")
Pheanix ("Hi! My name is Keith. I'm from a small town in Delaware/USA and started crunching on...")
earthbounding ("38,Ms,USA construction camping,fishing,old video games and software (run dos run),...")
Sergey Puchkov ("Всем привет меня зовут Сергей я с Украины...")

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