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Last updated 26 Jan 2023, 19:55:06 UTC

[VDA] Rallysta74 ("33 yrs old from Aosta Valley, Italy Member of BOINC Synergy ")
Michele ANSALDI ("23/03/2004 Me and my daughter Alicia in front of our house in Holgu├Čn (Cuba) I am born...")
Eremita ("I'm an ICU nurse. 36 years old. Happily married with 2 beutiful children. Interested in...")
Myster65 ("Creator of the series of stamps for BOINC and projects. Winner of the QMC@HOME birthday...")
Cube ("Fondatore del team BOINC@Marche, lavoro come tecnico in un'azienda. Amo la lettura ed in...")
Francesco_Sarteschi ("ciao a tutti da francesco e alessandro :))")
Bruno Moretti IK2WQA ("SETI@home since May 15, 1999. Scientific Director of Accademia dei Criceti, founder of SETI...")
[FVG] novembre ("Hi, I'm a Maths student in Udine, I like science and technology, therefore I like boinc...")
jcuervo ("")

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