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Last updated 26 Jan 2023, 19:55:06 UTC

fantasyworld ("bgo.tw 無聊提供的免費服務 DC club...")
Jon Dann ("^)^")
Taiwanese Taipei (" please change to unicode(UTF-8) 如果您有ATI...")
Pclong ("1. \Ո BOINC@Taiwan ̨F Invite you to join our team sincerely, ...")
BUNNY ("Welcome to play BOINC together!!! If you are Taiwanese, please join BOINC@Taiwan...")
DrBenson ("From Taiwan")
df910105 ("Welcome to join us DC Club ")
willy ("歡迎加入BOINC@Taiwan, 一起為科學貢獻計算能力!! Willy Our team...")

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