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Last updated 9 Jul 2020, 22:15:03 UTC

nikelong ("http://distributed.org.ua - National DC Team "Ukraine". ")
vitalidze ("My name is Vitaly, I am from the city of Vinnitsia in Ukraine. I heve been crunching for 6...")
Bogdan ("From Ukraine Age 23 Hobbies - computer, 3d graphic, animal")
Elvis ("nneedd@bk.ru")
Arbalet ("Per aspera ad astra, amicus humani generis")
GRaFkiyv ("GamePC:Q6700@3,5GHz/AC Freezer7PRO/MSI nForce650iSLI/4GbOCZ DDRII@933MHz/RAID0...")
gladiator_maximus ("Слава Украине! live in Zaporozhye,Ukraine. Hobbies: music (blues, jazz,...")
Orak ("Male 35 years old. General manager. Hobbies: computers, fishing, books.")

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