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From Missouri USA. Live in the forest. Without solar power our electric goes out often! We have about 11 KW solar PV with an AC-COUPLED SMA system, grid tied with battery bank. We started out with also a Whisper 500 wind turbine on top of a mountain. It broke so many times we finally had a complete failure which was covered by warranty and then a second catastrophic failure just after Southwest Wind Power went bankrupt so it is gone with the wind;-). A $23,000 experiment gone. It made $900 in electricity over a four year period.

Update 02/14/2021. I have rebuilt 60% of my original solar power system, changing out 7KW with new panels and adding 11KW more. Our residential system now has 20 KW of grid tied SMA Sunny Boy inverters with 23 KW solar panels behind them. Total of 96 solar panels to offset all carbon from running MilkyWayAtHome. We still can't run much during winter due to powering 48,000 BTU of ductless HVAC or 'mini-splits', to take over heating instead of firewood. As soon as the days get longer and warmer, we will begin phasing in and running our 10 workstations with 35 AMD GPU's. Our civilization must take greenhouse gas emissions very seriously! I wish someone could fix my nerve damage so I could get back to work on non atmospheric gasification to produce synthetic natural gas and electrical production using new ag. crops and RDF!!! It's difficult since just talking causes pain so severe in my face it makes me cry.

My work is extremely varied. Design and manufacture of asphalt emulsion plants using my Pop's patented hardware. Disassembling and moving a steel structure weighing 1.4 million pounds. Built a manufacturing factory for forest industry equipment to supply China, Indonesia and the area, lived in mainland China where it was constructed. Chaired multi-national research team for developing carbide tooth thin-kerf sawmill blades. Trained sustained practice forestry and repaired thin-kerf sawmills in 15 countries. Experience with electrical repair and code in USA, Europe, and Asia. Took two years, purchased a flatbed 18 wheeler and ran it as an owner/operator to better understand logistics of shipping by truck. Took two years to learn non-precious metal catalyst with reaction vessel operation and non-atmospheric gasification of RDF/ biomass AG products to create high BTU syngas to make synthetic NG and/or electrical generation simultaneously to reduce landfill and create new Ag products for biomass. In between all that I ran forestry and my Wood-Mizer electric sawmill powered by solar. Developed solar panel racking and installed high end solar. For three years I made organic single malt whisky from scratch with a nice pot reflux still until I could perfectly make mash, all the enzyme rests, and distill to only catch Ethanol. I have several recipes for pure 'organic' rye, pure barley, oats and corn, etc. What got me going is my pop when a kid worked for Legs Diamond in Albany running a still making 200 gallons of uncut alcohol per day. He kept the recipe and told me many stories of what went on during prohibition in NY.

Possibly my biggest thrill was that very first solo takeoff as I earned private pilot. Landing was to busy to think!

Without doubt my favorite thing was living in Taos as an artist in the late seventies. Even having commissions for my work with artist Georgia O'keefe.

My true passion is understanding the chemistry of our planet. It's my understanding that my final test score at the time I was there at the university in 1977, chemical mineralogy and crystallography was the second highest since the university was founded.
UMR School of Mines now MO Science & Technology.
Although clearly the continental ice sheets did not move South as far as the St. Francis Mountains where I live, there are clear formations in North facing valleys that must be terminal moraines and other glacial features that must have been from 'micro glaciers' caused by the colder environments of the area during those events. Something not in the books. I am already in 'deep Devonian hot water' with Missouri Geological Survey for discovering the only metamorphic stone known to exist in this state. They sent reps. three times to determine it was not a fake.

While visiting Manchu-Picchu it was my distinct impression it was a center for higher learning about agriculture. How many varieties of potatoes, corn, and other food plants did they use? Food was currency. Food was power. Food source quickly created a civilization like few others on the planet. How hard to take over a new region promising year round food supply? It is thought very little bloodshed occurred with Inca expansion. Where would we be without the variety of foods found in the region?

On one of my trips into the deep Peruvian Amazon to repair two sawmills we had an amazing thing happen. We traveled two full days beyond Iquitos by speedboat to the Cambina river. We passed the set of Survivor Amazon in the first 15 minutes. On the second day nearing the end of our journey, we had engine trouble and limped the rest of the way at a couple miles an hour with the engine making a loud clanking. It attracted porpoise and many swam with us along the way. All of a sudden a species of whale surfaced, breathed and sank out of sight. Unbelievable because I was the only person aboard who witnessed it. Finally arriving at the outpost where the sawmills were, we ran into a naturalist and I spoke of my sighting. She said, "You saw the Mother Of The River", and she had been there looking for her for several years without luck. The beast was within a couple miles.

In December 1976 my college best friend and I took a trip West instead of home for the holiday which most students try. The summer before Mitch had visited Shiprock and wanted to go back to see and face. We drove through the night to reach the place. Sky overcast no stars or moon to see by he picked a road trace. Turning off the highway he said this was it. So Mitch, Hank his wonderful black lab and I drove down a dirt road till confronted stopped by vertical stone taller than our light. I threw my sleeping bag out on the Earth and early that morning just before dawn, I walked East to watch sunrise against the famous volcanic spawn. It was beautiful reds, precious orange gold and banding. Then turning East to see the sun, alone a huge Bison standing. He was so close his shadow reached my soul. He was so old he had turned silver almost pure white. We stared at each other a moment, a year not sure without moving. I ran back to the truck getting Mitch and yelling. By the time we returned no sign of Great Grandfather, Mitch could only believe my telling. Again a witness to something greater than me. Morning, December 21, the Winter solstice. Writing this down for the first time, I think back as I became interested in the opposite sex I wished of marrying an Indian Princess. My wife, my better 2/3rds now 31 years my princess for sure. Took me 31 years to find her, turns out 50% Zuni. Is it all a coincidence or is life part of great universal balance unknown? Of which we are all a part.

I had just made it through all the hoops to teach applied technology university level when taken out by a failed surgery. One result, nerve damage to my trigemenal nerve trunk. Severe pain in the entire right skull hemisphere yet sticking it with a needle has no feeling.. Nothing has worked so far. If we can't find a anticonvulsant drug that I can tolerate soon, I am screwed.

I think I should get my POV on the universe out somewhere. SO here you go. In a condensed synopsis, it amounts to: In the big bang only a fraction of the energy involved was extruded from the singularity to cool and create our universe. Most rebounded into the singularity and that is the missing matter and energy we observe but don't understand. I envision a balanced universe. I think in the big bang most of the energy returned to the singularity where it is still and is the source of gravity and dark energy we can quantify but not see.

BTW, Both my mom and Dad's family's roots in the Hudson Valley go back to early 1600's. Confirmed by DNA. I spent Winter breaks and my summers as a child outside New Paltz. Now here I am contributing my computers to a University in Troy, NY. Makes me long to return.
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I thank you so much for this opportunity to help in groundbreaking discovery. Without my hobby of custom building workstations and keeping them up to date and fine tuned, I would go mad! There is little I can do with the nerve damage. This is so perfect!

What I have has 80%+ suicide rate! MW is not the only thing keeping me here but a large part is wanting to contribute as long as possible. Thank you. If you want to know what I feel all day and night every day, Star Trek Discovery, season 1 episode 5, when Lorca meets Tyler on the Klingon prison ship the female Klingon, L'rell, gets hit in the face with a ricochet disrupter blast. It's just like that but on the other side of my face. More accurately, my scars from 3 brain surgeries to try to stop the pain are on the same side and the scars look about the same. The pain is on the opposite side. No pain, no gain. I am gaining a lot of something!

I sometimes loose a hard drive or O/S and don't take loosing MW tasks too well. Sorry when it happens.
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