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What's the story?
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Message 33295 - Posted: 15 Nov 2009, 16:45:16 UTC
Last modified: 15 Nov 2009, 16:53:41 UTC

There was a problem with the server(s) five days ago (10 Nov) and the message was, "We're ordering new hard drives". (Along these lines, it should be noted that most PC supply providers get it "out the door" quickly.)

In any case, here we are on the 15th, it appears that nothing is fixed, and there's nothing in the way of a progress / status report on the Milkyway@home web page.

If BOINC is the fantastic super computing resource alternative, as has been claimed by all projects using it, why is it that the Milkyway@home project seems so "disinterested"?

I would suggest regular status reports, every two or three days, before PC time donors begin to leave in-mass.


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Message boards : MilkyWay@home Science : What's the story?

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