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User of the Day for 27 September 2022: Marcus

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Marcus Mello

Consultant Metrics by APF / FPA at INFORMAKER

Systems Analyst, 26 years working with IBM mainframes
FPA Instructor / Specialist

Catholic University of Brasilia
MBA - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
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Just because we do not have technology to overcome the speed
of light does not mean it is not possible.

I do not believe it is impossible to achieve the ends of the
universe and even surpasses it.

I think the same way that we were wrong for 3000 years ago
when we thought the ocean was insurmountable, so today we are
mistaken to think that the universe is insurmountable.

1) I do not believe everything that Einstein said.
2) I can not believe the speed limit of light.
It is like believing you can not travel faster than the
speed of sound!

We are stardust that has acquired consciousness.
We are the living universe.
We are the conscience of the universe.

It simply makes no sense that the universe is not exploitable.
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