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Message 42220 - Posted: 17 Sep 2010, 19:39:09 UTC

I just started up new nbody searches:


Where # = 2 through 6

Let me know how they run!


Fred J. Verster
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Message 42535 - Posted: 3 Oct 2010, 21:19:24 UTC - in response to Message 42220.
Last modified: 3 Oct 2010, 21:20:04 UTC

Absolutely no idea what nbody{-search} is, probably should visit these forums more often, I'll try to find and read something about this New Feature, or other way/method of mapping th Milky Way!?

Just changed a HD5770 for a EAH5870, with a EAH4850 which was already present, all on an ASUS P5E Mobo and Q6600 CPU. (All stock hardware settings, do use an app_info.xml file, to run 2 WU's at a time, but it's not necessary and gonna skip it.

Since I get 1 or 2 tasks, when 1 or 2 are Reported and (almost) inmediatly validated.

Knight Who says Ni

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Message boards : News : New Nbody Searches

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