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1) Message boards : News : Make-Up Credits to Run Wednesday and Thursday (Message 50277)
Posted 20 Jul 2011 by Profile [AF>Libristes>GNU-Linux] xipehuz
You're quite right, michael.

But the odds are that there are more people on vacation in the summer months than in september, when school has started again (at least in the northern hemisphere).

The question should be : do you try to please as many people as you possibly can, or are you happy with fewer ?

My main complain though, is about the very short notice given to the crunchers.
Given a week's notice, I might have been able to have someone switch-on my main crunching machine with the ATI card.

Now it's unfortunately too late for me.

No biggy, but after the fund-raising misshap, a little more forethought might have been a good idea.

Anyway, decisions have to be made by people in charge and, as you stated, you can't please everybody all the time.
In any case, this won't change my interest and involvement in the project.
2) Message boards : News : Make-Up Credits to Run Wednesday and Thursday (Message 50274)
Posted 20 Jul 2011 by Profile [AF>Libristes>GNU-Linux] xipehuz
Well, I'm quite disappointed that the double credit run, promised for early september a few days ago (as a fund-raising failed attempt), then cancelled, has been bumped so soon and announced with such a short notice.

As I'm away from my machines due to summer vacations, I won't be able to participate, as are all the people currently on summer break in the northern hemisphere, and I expect we are quite a few.

The least you could have done is to wait until september, as was previously announced, so that a lot more people would have been behind their desk.

Nonetheless, I will remain a strong supporter of MW@Home.


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