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Shutters are window treatments made from louvered slats. With this feature, there is regulation of sunlight, privacy ventilation as well as temperature. Shutters have proved to be among the best window treatment for a long time now and they have been used all throughout the world. Initially, they were designed to protect against natural elements depending on the prevailing location. There are different kinds of shutters like, vinyl shutters Basswood shutters, poplar shutters and they are made into different styles to suit the homeowner.

Variety and design

You will find all the different shutter materials to choose from and the different designs. You could actually order them and have them custom made for your exact windows which is always recommended over buying them from a manufacturing plant. This is because they are due to give you headache to install them because they were not made for your window, they could sag or worse not fit the windows and then you would have to have them cut to fit which will be more trouble than getting a company that will give you a service that will be worth your money like S: craft.

Below are some designs you could contemplate in the meantime

Full height

These types of shutters could transform a room to a whole new level. Like they suggest, they run from up to down giving you complete authority over the amount of sun you can to let in the room. You could have them fitted in almost any room in the house.

Cafe style shutters

This one will cover just the bottom half of the windows frame. It gives you the amount of light you need keeping it as private as you like at the same time. You could use them on either ground or first floor and they bring elegance to the façade of the house. It would be good to know that they come in a variety of finishes and you need not worry about matching your décor.

Tier on tier shutter

This one is like the full height shutter only that it is split in the middle into two, upper and lower tier. This gives you the option of opening one while leaving the other one closed. You can choose to have these shutters installed either internally or externally. If you have them installed from outside they will protect hour windows from harsh weather elements like hurricane or a storm and protect you from burglary as well. If you have them installed from inside, they will give our home a modern look and they will still protects just as well as external shutters. You would be able to make the decision once you visit s:craft to compare all the options.

Once you call in the company they will come to your house to get the measurements so they will have them custom made for you. This way, they ensure that they fit so well that they even give your house a curb appeal. With these, if you were to sell your house, you would not believe how fast it would be just from the fact that it has shutters installed and installed well for that matter.

Below is how they get the measurements done.

The window square - first they have to determine how square your window is. A difference even in inches matter and they have to get them right in order to ensure the shutter will be right for the window.

Inside mounting - They will measure the height and trim of the drywall where the shutter will be fitted. You see, when you opt for a factory, the shutters will miss the target of the squareness of the window because it would be surprising to know that the windows might not be exactly the same. They will have to measure all the windows separately.

Odd shaped shutters - These especially have to be measured ant the experts at S: craft will know exactly how to do it. Due to the odd shape, it is best that you let the professionals handle it because if you are thinking of doing it yourself, you might just end up ruining a lot of things.


When you have come to a decision and you want to order your plantation shutters, you could go to the company website to get a quotation as well as make the order of the shutters you want. You will get customer service that will help you decide if you cannot and they will engage you in the price ranges of the different varieties of the shutters they have. If you choose to have shutters installed for the whole house, you are bound to get discounts and they will advise you on the best shutters according to the nature of the house or your décor. You could even have n expert come to your house to give you advice on what will be best for the house.

Benefits of having shutters

Beyond the aesthetic look the plantation shutters are bound to give your home, you are going to get that you save on heating and cooling costs because of their insulation. On top of that, you get to keep UV rays from yourself am from hour house and less worry that the furniture will turn. Plantation shutters are relatively easy to maintain and most often than not, all you will have to do is wipe them with some warm soapy water or dust them like you do the rest of the house. Whatever room you want to have shutters, you can be sure there are shutters designed for that specific room.

There are shutters that would fit perfectly in children room and you need not worry about pulling them down like they would drapes. If you want shutters for your kitchen, you will have them designed as you would for the bathroom, made waterproof. Yes, waterproof, they get no damage at all even if you dipped them in water and you can have them in whatever color you want to match your décor with.
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