Tips to Help You Interact With Your Ideal Customers
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5 Social Media Tips to Help You Interact With Your Ideal Customers

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DescriptionEveryone with a business should be using social media to interact with their ideal customers these days, but a lot of companies don’t know how to do it properly. Here are a few quick tips that will set you in the right direction and you need to know all of them.

Focus on the right platforms
If you try to tackle too many things at once you’ll never pick up traction because your efforts will be spread too thin. You have to work out where your ideal customers will be and you can focus all your energy on those platforms. Health care professionals might spend a lot of time on Facebook because they’re trying to reach a slightly older age group, whereas people targeting young IT professionals might spend most of their time on Twitter. Choose the ones where you’re customers will be hanging out.

Give valuable content away
Don’t be scared to give away your best content over social media because it won’t stop anyone from buying your products. I know you think they won’t need your paid information products if you share your secrets in 140 characters, but this will just make them trust you more. They will know the content you give away for free is excellent and they’ll think the content in your paid products will be out of this world. Just don’t give away massive chunks of information at the same time because it should be drip-fed out.

Expand your reach
When you’re starting out you won’t have many followers and most people won’t care about anything you say. Certain people in your industry will have much more influence, so instead of trying to compete with them you should befriend them. They will help you by sharing your content and a lot more people will receive your messages. Just don’t network with direct competitors because it won’t work as well and you’ll just be wasting your time. Get people onto your list
The easiest way to increase your income is to build an email list, but these days you don’t need to wait until someone lands on your site before you can sign them up. You can get people to sign up to your list directly from certain social media platforms. Facebook is probably the most popular one and people will be much more likely to give you their email address if they don’t need to leave the site. That is because you’re taking advantage of the trust Facebook has built with them over the years. Share content that isn’t yours
When you share other people’s content with your own followers you will make a lot more friends, but this isn’t even the main benefit you’ll get from using this technique. How long does it take you to come up with your own content? It might take you a while, but when you share content you don’t own you don’t need to spend time creating it. You’re giving your followers excellent content as well as saving precious time that could be better spent doing something else.
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