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DescriptionPentavision as a developer of Mikey can disappear in fact and animal jam game itself is no longer manufactured, but it is the people do not stop behind the popular rhythm game from creating new works. Developers behind mikey now create a new studio that is Nurijoy and now is publish a rhythm game, which is touted as the spiritual successor of animal jam. codes Xonic is a rhythm game for PS Vita with a layout that quite different animal jam series, but obviously carry the same DNA. Diverse music, glittering appearance, gameplay is very demanding and without delay, and the many things that can be opened, this game is to make you feel like a new animal jam that feels better. Unfortunately, there are some things in codes Xonic that interfere with me when playing this game. how to get free membership on animal jam is basically a rhythm game, certainly easy to understand by all players. As the codes Xonic to play about the same as the traditional rhythm game in which you have to press a button when a note came right at the top of the bar according to the rhythm of the song. Circular layout of the game will remind you with Persona 4: All Night dance, but the gameplay feels much faster and more intense. There are three game modes that you can try in codes Xonic ie 4 Trax Trax 6 and 6 Trax FX. There is a certain kind of notes that you have to press as not common, not length, slide until not FX, where you use the R key or L. There are two ways to keep the notes (but not FX) is to press using the physical buttons or via the touch screen. This clears the way you can play a little more flexible. But it is also not without flaws, especially if you want to use the touch screen. Using the touch screen in this game, it is quite simple, just difficult. Just because you feel like pressing directly notes that appear and response time much faster. Difficult, because the contact area, which is very tight, especially if you play 6 Trax. Suppose there is some intangible small key notes is appearing to press. But if you feel the bottom button press, somehow the center button is pressed. This is because six lanes (three left and three right) that it will not be pressed simultaneously with one finger. It can be difficult to explain, but you'll understand when you try it. Oh, animal jam is the most annoying thing in codes Xonic when using especially a touch screen. Why? First, they are often confused notes notes of yellow regularly. Second, it would not be very difficult for the user of the touch screen pressed for touch area are narrow and you have to do a film. Third, the direction of the slide was provided less thoughtful. Let me explain: the yellow notes are at the top or bottom of the screen. Thus, should the above not you need to bottom and vice versa is to slide, right? NOT CORRECT. Not above you need to push to ON. As a result, they are often embarrassed when they are trying to push the yellow button to perform for carriage movement space is very small. This is exacerbated by the provision that the movement of the film, you need to be very accurate. If you do it right a little less, then the movement will not be registered and missing Combo you have already built. Among the usual buttons, it seems like you do not have to make to worry. Nevertheless, the traditional rhythm game players must certainly be adjustments in codes Xonic. This is achieved by the use of analog causes PS Vita requires you to move the thumb in a considerable distance. Overall, good for the buttons or touch screen, the actual game in codes Xonic just need an adjustment and not complicated. If it still seems difficult, there are shield system in equipment that will help you shielded from the combo was broken in the middle of the game. In addition to the usual mode, you can also use the World Tour mode attempt. In this mode, you will find a number of playlists and play in the one-way and there is a specific task that you need to do to finish a play. If you would like a challenge, you have to try World Tour. Speaking of the challenge, you can also enable a number of disadvantages in regular mode, if you press the yellow button, the feeling is still less difficult.
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