MSI GP62 Leopard Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000
MSI GP62 Leopard Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000
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Best gaming laptop under 1000 is the gaming laptop on tight budget. Actually, you get enough performance for running new heavy games with these laptops when you know which laptop that should be chosen. There are many laptops that have been offered in the store and I believe that you will loathe if you have to check each specs and features for all laptop under 1000. For that reason, here I will solve your problems in searching the laptop under 1000 so you can just get it anyway and play your game at finest performance. Here, the recommendation is given to the MSI GP62 Leopard Pro Gaming Laptop.

The Design of MSI GP62 Leopard Pro Gaming Laptop

First, let us talk about the great design of this best game laptop under 1000. The chassis is made with aluminum mixture for giving strength and protection. Here, the frame is painted with smooth matte surface that makes a really lovely look. The case wrap firmly in the keyboard and providing strong grip. The design of the hinges come in smaller design that it makes a better look and you should not be afraid about it because the hinges are pretty strong.

You will get really excellent keyboard design from this best gaming laptop under 1000. The keyboard is designed with firm and spacious buttons. This space keeps an excellent formation of buttons make the process of typing get easier. It reduces the chance for typo because the distance keeps one button to others for having overlap typing or accidental pushes to the buttons. It does give great advantages for the comfort as the button is also soft. The softness will surely give you good benefits when you have to type many works.

This best gaming laptop below 1000 comes with really nice sound for sure. The sound is clear and wonderful so it will surely please your ears well. Then, for the accessibility, the touchpad which is given is quite useful too. The texture of the touchpad is made to be a bit rough so it will provide nice contact with your finger. It also is made from high sensitive materials so you will surely get a great satisfaction from this laptop. Two mouse keys are soft and comfortable too which makes the design get more interesting.

The Performance of MSI GP62 Leopard Gaming Laptop

When you have seen the greatness of this Best gaming laptop under 1000 design, now, you have to look at its performance too. Here, the performance of this laptop is supported with the 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7-5700HQ which is really strong and reliable. This processor can be increased up to 3.5 GHz so that it works faster and better. It comes with the CineBench Single-thread benchmarks that are really quite fast than its previous multi-threaded benchmarks.

For the next great feature for gaming itself, we get the big size RAM here. The RAM which is up to 16 GB and it makes this laptop has a greater capability for making excellent multitasking and running great games. RAM is one of the most important parts that makes game run well. You also have the excellent 512 SSD storage for saving many data. This SSD storage is much preferable for increasing performance as its speed of reading is much faster compared to the HDD Storages. The speed of this storage can up 500 MB/s.

You should also know that this Best gaming laptop under 1000 comes with the powerful graphics too. You will never play a good game with bad display and here, you get the built-in Intel HD Graphics 5600 which is really sharp and you will get even more support for increasing the sharpness of the display drastically with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M which is really powerful in graphic processing. The performance of this GPU is close to the GTX 960M though and with the additional HD Graphics 5600, those combinations are perfect for making pleasing and amazing look.

This top gaming laptop under 1000 is equipped with the great screen. The size of the screen comes in 15.6 inch with full HD design. This full HD screen can produce up to 1920 x 1080 pixels which make the display become super pleasing for anyone. It has high details with high density of texture and colors. The next good feature is the brightness which is really helpful because it can provide nice view even when it is placed indoor and outdoor as it shows low color grains. You just need to feel satisfied more because you get a bit poor contrast from this laptop.

Connectivity Features

The last part that we will have for supporting our gaming is surely the connectivity feature. This best gaming notebook under 1000 comes with three 3.0 USB ports which are known to be 10 times faster compared to the 2.0 USB ports. Then, for the entertainment, you get one 3.5 mm headphone port and one 3.5 mm microphone ports. For connecting to the other screen, you get the mini display port here. The other connector will be the Kensington lock, HDMI out, and gigabit Ethernet.

For the connection to the internet, this best gaming ultrabook under 1000 is designed with the great Intel Wireless-AC 3160 M.2. This one is included in the dual-band 1x1 which has higher capability in transferring rate. The maximum transfer is up to 433 Mbps. With such wonderful speed, multiple stream process will come in faster way and you will surely be able to provide better sharing to other laptops or computers too. For other wireless connection, 4.0 Bluetooth with nice speed will be good for transferring data with other people at ease.

Those are all the specifications and the features of this Best gaming laptop under 1000. The excellent design and the performance will surely give you a nice gaming experience. With that specs, it is possible that this laptop will provide nice place for playing any new released games in the three years ahead. You should get it when you feel gaming with full performance is a must.If you wont to get low price, see best gaming laptop under 500

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