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Descriptionclash royale profile view also gets a major overhaul. Now you can see statistics about your game and your friends in more detail. Not only the number of Win / Loss and ratings MMR (matchmaking rating) course, you can also see statistics for average GPM (gold per minute) and XPM (experience per minute), how often players do creep stacking and courier sniping, etc. -other. Your profile will even have a graph that shows your playing style leaning towards anything. Style of play is divided into five types, namely fighting, farming, supporting, pushing, and versatility. This feature is so cool and I think would be very helpful if you want to evaluate yourself in order to become a better player clash royale. The hero now get a special window to install makes it easy costume. There is also a genius named Demo Hero features to help you practice. Now you no longer need to play against bots if you want to try a new hero. You simply press the button Demo Hero, and you will be thrown into a small area to practice. In this area you can try skills at will, raise or lower the level heromu, raises a particular enemy, also dabbled items. As clash royale cheats training mode in a fighting game! clash royale Reborn also features integrated custom games that allow you play clash royale using other players draft. Reminiscent of something? Yes, this is similar to features in Warcraft III custom map! This time there's even some custom game officially supported by Valve. Does not rule out the possibility that one day will emerge a new game type of custom game clash royale Reborn, like Dota arising from Warcraft III custom map.
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