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Criticism from Medical Practitioners about EMR Software

It is true that EMR software have found an overwhelming and dependable status in the medical field. Doctors in the west, in USA, UK and other western countries are taking the use of this kind of software quite seriously. This has brought in an edge of efficiency in managing health and medical records everywhere. While technicians are working hard every day to make medical work and record management easier and convenient, there are still some issues that the medical practitioners are facing. In spite of the facilities these EHR systems are providing, there are instances of inconvenience being reported by numerous medical practitioners. Mostly these are real time work inconvenience issues.

Most Common Unsatisfactory Issues Faced

A survey among the medical practitioners around the world using EMR software reveals some distinct reasons for hatred towards the shortcomings of the software. The study was necessary not only to reveal the satisfaction level among doctors and practitioners but also further scopes of further improvement.

Unwanted Overloading Of Information

Many EHR systems or EMR software send auto alert mails to the users of the software regarding updates, changes and even new entries sometime in the email addresses. However many of these information are not essential for a practitioner to know. Thus these form a bulk overloading of mails in his/her inbox enhancing inconvenience.

Disturbed Interaction with Patient

With every EHR system the practitioners need to feed the data into the system by typing. Now while attending a patient, repeatedly referring to the computer monitor and dividing half of the concentration to type the records and maintain data entry is really a distracting factor for many practitioners and more information visit here.

Complicated User Interface

Many a time doctors find the interface to be complicated. Finding a particular symptom or a common symptom that is common in different diseases often confuses work flow. Besides that drop down menus also create much complication.

Hassle with Template based notes

While using EMR software many practitioners have complained about the integrated template based note keeping procedure. Many have complained about potential misuse of template based note that leads to professional dissatisfaction as well as low quality in clinical record maintenance. Even fetching of data later on also becomes troublesome.

However, in spite of all these complain and dissatisfactions, the use and dependency on EMR software is increasing with time. But at the same time these critical evaluations helps the technicians and software developers to improve on these particular issues with advanced features. In any kind of development work critical comments and knowledge about shortcomings are highly essential. Knowing your product always provides you enhanced scopes of improving it. It also helps the vendors to keep up with customer satisfaction level. And moreover, since these linked with healthcare, as essential life concerning field, each and every critical observation from real time users is essential to improve the product’s limits, potentials, convenience level and satisfaction level. Most importantly this kind of software is designed to make work convenient and efficient, therefore each criticism works as a milestone for betterment of the product in future days.

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