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How to go about document scanning

Planning properly for the process of document scanning is very important, as it will play a direct role in ensuring the usability of the document. In order to effectively increase the overall work efficiency, numerous organizations are taking up this process. This kind of scanning is basically about converting hard copies of documents into digitalized soft copies. This has multiple usages. It helps in making the task of searching for the data easier and also make it more accessible. It also acts like a good form of back up for the hard copies of documents, and also saves a lot of space in the workspace. In order to go about the process of this kind of scanning, the following steps should be followed.

Project planning

Before the document scanning process is carried on, it is important to have a proper planning of the project. You cannot go ahead and start scanning documents randomly. Scanning unnecessary documents is just a waste of time. Hence, planning properly for the scanning project is important. Gather up all the documents to be scanned in the correct sequence. Remove any pins, staples present in the documents. Mark out the areas to be scanned – so that you do not miss out on any important area. In order to keep the project consolidated, it is important to set out the details first.

Criteria setting

You have to set the format you would like to save the scanned document in. There are various formats like JPEG, TIFF, PDF etc. You have to choose the format that would be most compatible with all the systems that will be opening the document. In the present times, PDF format is the most prefered one as conversion from this format in easier too.

There is also the matter of clarity settings. The right level of resolution would ensure such clarity. An average of 300 dpi is the norm for all documents. For grey scale document scanning, 200 dpi is suitable. In case of scanning colorful images, you would need a high resolution of 400 dpi. Also you must set the mode to wither portrait or landscape.

Prior indexing

Just before starting the scanning process, it is important to set your index system. Without it all the scanned images will be hard to locate. Hence, create virtual folders and name and number it properly for putting the scanned documents in the right folders.

Actual scanning

Once all the above steps are done, it is time to do the actual document scanning. For that, the document should be placed properly in the scanner – so that no part of it is left out. Press down scanner cover on the document properly and make sure the scanner is switched on. Once the scanning is done, you will be able to see the preview on the computer screen. Check the preview to ensure that the scan has come out well. Then name it and place it in the designated folder. With this, the entire scanning process would be complete.

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