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Message 47359 - Posted: 10 Apr 2011, 1:46:48 UTC - in response to Message 47354.  

I would kill the guy who is responsible for this :P
about 1 million results was simply burned in the oven?!
such a waste =(
That would mostly be my fault

The red queen has decided that you can keep your head just this once :)

Actually it wasn't entirely his fault either. For awhile we had both max_wus_in_progress for CPUs and GPUs set, and the scheduler was just ignoring the GPU limit.

We had to add a config_aux.xml and specify a total limit in that (which seems to work), but it's still not paying attention to the GPU limit.

Then you both keep your heads. You may want to run around the server, chanting and blowing trumpets though...

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Chris S

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Message 47431 - Posted: 10 Apr 2011, 9:57:49 UTC

These thinga happen, and no I wont be leaving Milkyway, I'm here for the long term. Just not a good month for ATI users in Boinc at the moment, what with DNETC down etc.

It will all get fixed, and hey, it's only a hobby, when it doesn't work, garb a beer and go out and sit in the sunshine! :-)
Don't drink water, that's the stuff that rusts pipes
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