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Message 56189 - Posted: 13 Nov 2012, 21:38:19 UTC

While we work on fixing the Nbody binaries (there appears to be an issue with linking with BOINC during compilation), I've started up some new separation runs:


The "sSgr" suffix indicates that they are now fitting structure beyond the Sagittarius Dwarf Tidal Stream. We've successfully fit the (Galactic) North part of Sagittarius, and submitted the paper to the Astrophysical Journal (see this thread for more info). The paper is currently in the process of peer review.

So what we are doing now is looking at the Galactic halo structure now that the "giant" Sagittarius has been accounted for. The current runs will make sure that the new searches work properly, and to see whether 2- or 3- stream runs are the better choice - indicated by the "2s" or "3s" tag. Let us know how they go!

Additionally, Jeff Thompson and myself are preparing the SDSS (Galactic) South data for use in the Separation runs - we hope to get these started in the next week or two.

In short, we are entering a VERY productive time for the Separation/Stream fitting methods on Milkyway@home! We can't thank you guys enough.

Matthew N.
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Message boards : News : New Separation (Stream Fit) Runs

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