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Message 62934 - Posted: 2 Jan 2015, 17:14:04 UTC

SETI@HOME is taking over my work list. I am getting no new work from MILKYWAY@HOME. This happened when I temporarily suspended MILKYWAY so some SETI tasks could finish. I was getting lots of tasks from MILKYWAY but none from SETI. When I requested an update for SETI to report a completed task, I received over 30 new tasks from SETI. I resumed MILKYWAY expecting a rebalance of tasks. I actually received NO NEW tasks from MILKYWAY since I resumed project activation. The project access problem switched from SETI to MILKYWAY. I am down to four MILKYWAY tasks and over 40 SETI tasks.
I noticed another anomaly that might have an impact on the problem. Almost MILKYWAY tasks use all available threads for a single task. Therefore, all SETI tasks remain suspended except for the only task MILKYWAY cannot use, namely the GPU thread mothered by Core 0 of my i7.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : Something wierd about scheduler

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