Removing Hosts With High Error Counts
Removing Hosts With High Error Counts
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Message boards : News : Removing Hosts With High Error Counts

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Message 67223 - Posted: 7 Mar 2018, 19:55:44 UTC
Last modified: 7 Mar 2018, 20:38:59 UTC

Hey Everyone,

I am going to be issuing suspensions to 8 hosts with extremely high error counts (over 1000 in their recent history). If you own one of these hosts and are unhappy with the suspension, please message me and we can discuss removing the suspension.

This is a temporary solution until I can implement a more automated suspension system with occasional retesting of hosts to see if they have been fixed.

Any discussion about how to best implement an automated algorithm can go here and I will attempt to keep up.



I added a feature to determine if one of your hosts is suspended at a quick glance. Any of your suspended hosts will show up highlighted in red on the "computers on this account" page in your account information page. These hosts will not show up as red to anyone else and only you will know if you are suspended.

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Message boards : News : Removing Hosts With High Error Counts

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