Benchmark thread 1-2019 on - GPU & CPU times wanted for new WUs, old & new hardware!
Benchmark thread 1-2019 on - GPU & CPU times wanted for new WUs, old & new hardware!
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Message boards : Number crunching : Benchmark thread 1-2019 on - GPU & CPU times wanted for new WUs, old & new hardware!

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Message 68005 - Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 14:52:28 UTC
Last modified: 12 Jan 2019, 15:07:12 UTC

Firstly, please note I cannot edit this post 1hr after posting it, so for the latest table & any changes in benchmark requirements check out my latest posts here.
Or check out the AnandTech MW benchmark thread I created there, as I can update that indefinitely, AFAIK! And it includes links to the peoples original time posted.
It's link http://forums.anandtech.com/threads/milkyway-h-benchmark-thread-winter-2016-on-updated-1-2019-gpu-cpu-times-wanted-for-new-wus.2495905/.

I know lots of people running MW@H would like to know how their rigs compare to other peoples & would like to see how an upgrade could improve output.
Whilst you can look through the MW BOINC stats the info is rather vague, it doesn't give clock speeds or specific GPUs for example, nor does it account for anything that might add to WU times.

So please share your new scores for old & new GPUs & CPUs alike!

At some point in, or near the summer 2018 MW changed the WUs again, currently it seems that 227.62 & 203.92 WUs are the common ones, so here's a new table with the 227.62 credit WU. The app is still v1.46 for the GPU.
I've added a table for running concurrent WUs as many people do that, & Nvidia cards in particular benefit from doing that. Note though that times from doing that can be more erratic than running singularly.

Requirements for the benchmark :-

Average of at least 5 WU times (not cherry picked please! ;)).

A dedicated physical CPU core for each GPU (for optimal MW WU times). If only using BOINC for CPU tasks, & you have an HT capable CPU, then the only way to be certain of this (bar disabling HT) is to set the BOINC computing preferences (in advanced mode>options) so that you have 1 less CPU thread running then you do physical cores. Don't panic too much about lost CPU ppd, it doesn't take long to run MW GPU WUs ;) (see table).

Please state what speed & type CPU you have, as it now has a significant affect on GPU WU times!

Please state GPU clock speeds if overclocked (including factory overclocks) or state 'stock'.

Please only crunch 1 WU at a time per GPU, preferably. Or if you are running concurrent WUs, state how many & I'll put your time in the 2nd GPU table.

For CPU times please state whether Hyper Threading (or equivalent) is enabled or not
, times for both states welcomed.

It would also be useful if you could state your BOINC & driver version, & OS, incase it does make any difference.

If you find your WU times are fluctuating more than a couple of % for singly run WUs then use GPU-Z or your grx card driver tools to check that your GPU is able to hit near 100% load (although I'm not sure that Nvidia cards can hit that for MW). Note that even when crunching normally, the GPU load will be on/off on this current MW app, so the GPU load graph should look like a series of blocks. Just looking at my RX 580, it was going to zero load roughly every 27s.

Also check using task manager that your CPU does actually have the spare load to give to MW (& btw, GPU crunching won't show up in the TM).

Current GPU statistics ~ Average Run Time to Complete 1 MW v1.46 227.62 credit WU :-

HD 7970, GPU 1200 MHz(!) (CPU, Xeon E5 ES 10 core @2.7 GHz (ht off) ...... 38.2s .... tictoc

R9 290, GPU 1000 MHz, (CPU, ???....................) ....................................... 70.9s .... tictoc

HD 7870 XT 3GB(DS), GPU 925 MHz (CPU, C2 Q9550 @3.58 GHz) ............... 73.2s .... Assimilator1

RX 580 GB, GPU 1350 MHz (CPU, i7 4930k @4.1 GHz) .............................. 97.3s .... Assimilator1

RTX 2080 Ti, GPU ???? MHz (CPU, i7-8700K @4.7 GHz no AVX) ............... 110.6s .... IEC

R7 iGPU on an AMD A12-9800 APU (CPU, 4.2 GHz) ................................. 120.3s .... hoppisaur

RX 570, GPU stock (CPU, i7-4771 ?? GHz) ............................................. 121s ....... Jim1348

Current GPU statistics ~ Average Run Time to Complete multiple MW v1.46 227.62 credit WU :-

RX 570, GPU stock (CPU, i7-4771 ?? GHz) (2 concurrent WUs) .............. 194s ....... Jim1348

Current CPU statistics ~ Average Run Time to Complete 1 MW v1.74 227.62 credit WU :-

Previous benchmark thread here http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/forum_thread.php?id=3551&sort_style=6&start=0


Please could you stickify this one & un-stick the other one?
Thanks :)

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Main rig - i7 4930k @4.1 GHz, RX 580 8 GB, 16 GB DDR3 1866, Win 7 64bit
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Message boards : Number crunching : Benchmark thread 1-2019 on - GPU & CPU times wanted for new WUs, old & new hardware!

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