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show off ur narly rigs.

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Message 68161 - Posted: 16 Feb 2019, 2:36:05 UTC
Last modified: 16 Feb 2019, 2:37:57 UTC

ha funny to think that this thing is helping to make a map of the milkyway galaxy.. yep Dual core 2 E2200 with a HD5870 ohhhhh yeah. pumping out a crazy over 1 half a teraflops boys n girls and it heats my house up a bit too. it's cold over here in the north shore NB but not so much with my HD5870. BTW, if ur wondering what that thing hanging off the back is.. i was having WIFI issues since i'm underground and i lost the PCI wireless Adapter antenna.. so i didn't even bother checking out Tom's Hardware for solution cause it's already been solved. Getting such a good signal now, i could probably log onto my neighbor's wifi, 5 houses down the road.

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Message boards : Cafe MilkyWay : show off ur narly rigs.

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