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Posted 21 Oct 2014 by ProfileAndrew Sanchez
Hi, i just joined mw@home and i'm having issues with these nbody wus. I don't mind that they use all 4 cpus and take a long time but i don't like the amount of "validation inconclusive"s i'm getting for the amount of time i'm spending crunching these wus. And it's not just me; the inconclusive wus are inconclusive on other computers too, not just mine. Some computers can't even run them without errors. These are the culprets:

I guess one of those isn't an nbody but it inconclusive for me and another computer also.
I was going to stop crunching these nbody wus but i thought i'd post here first and see what you guys had to say about it. Will i get credit for these sometime or will they stay inconclusive? How many computers have to successfully run the wu before a consensus is reached (or is it not like that)?

LOL. I just went back to my "validation inconclusive" page and noticed one was missing since i made the above list. ps_nbody_09_10_orphan_real_1_1413455402_15397
that wu must have been validated while i was typing. So i guess i answered my own questions; yes, i will get credit and it take 3 successful runs to reach a consensus. LOL
(instead of erasing this post i'll leave it in case someone else has the same issue/questions i had)

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